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ユーラシアを北から南まで旅した記録 日本語と英語で書いてます。 Traveling From the North to the South of Eurasia

No.3 Looking Back on My Life towards the Future

This ferry is operated by Korean company and most of the passengers are Korean. In addition, restaurants and many goods in shops are Korean style. Although this ferry was still sailing in the territorial waters in Japan, I felt as if I was in a foreign country. I had been tired because I took many trains and buses so far, went to bed at early night. In the second day morning, this ferry was sailing in the territorial sea of Korea and got to Donghae before noon. we were staying here for about 4 hours. Except for signboards and traffic signs written in Korean language, scenery here is almost similar to provincial cities in Japan. “Adjoining things affect each other” is not confined to physical phenomena. Human beings, cultures and traditions are not able to be independent forever, and not able to keep itself as it is if they are isolated. I’m looking forward to see how they change during traveling from the Asian side to the European side.




It was fair weather in the third day morning. This ferry got to the Vladivostok bay and was going slowly dropping its speed. It was a bit hard for me to associate this clear blue sky and here Russia, but it went with elegant buildings located in the seashore. They didn’t make me feel the fact that this city is situated nearby Asian countries at all.


I found this fresh atmosphere was somewhat similar to Hokkaido,Japan in summer. Looking back on my life, the first time traveling alone is in Hokkaido. I think it is not genuine traveling alone because what I did is just joining the open day of the university in Sapporo and a travel agency made the all reservations of hotel and ferry. At the time, I took the ferry from Niigata to Hokkaido in August. The ferry departed from Niigata port around noon and got to the Otaru port before dawn tomorrow. Probably there was a bus from the port to the Otaru station, but I went there on foot. I don’t remember the reason any more. Although Hokkaido is located in Northern part of Japan and it was early morning, but I was in the middle of hot summer. The station was farther than I had expected and I got sweat a lot during walking to there. In addition to not having a map and a mobile phone with GPS, there were few people in the town in early morning. So, I had to rely on only the sign boards. I remember the impatience and glow I felt and how I excited walking alone in unfamiliar land. I wonder that this experience is an indirect cause of starting this journey. It is impossible to find convincing answer of this question no matter how I analyze and consider the past without something to compare. However, I think it must be the cause. I leave it at that.


I was talking about our travelings with a young man who I met on this ship while blowing in the sea wind. He is 21 years old university student and going to Germany by train. I was envious of him because he is going to Europa in his age. It took 10 years since I started traveling in foreign countries. I don't think my sensibility is inferior to that of I used to be, but youth is irreplaceable.  Anyway, thinking such a way may means I’ve got old.


we were gradually arriving at Vladivostok port. There was the signboard written with “Владивосток”. It’s very difficult to believe in that I can go to Europe on foot even though I know in my head. I can’t imagine that the world would spread to the reverse side of this planet even if Aristotle says that the earth is round right in front of me. I can’t understand invisible things. I said again the phrase from the poet which I quoted for the the address in reply at the graduation ceremony of junior high school, “Just go without hesitation, and you will understand anything.”