From a Corner of Somewhere

ユーラシアを北から南まで旅した記録 日本語と英語で書いてます。 Traveling From the North to the South of Eurasia

No.4 at the End of the East

When I was a kid, I was often watching the TV program, “Special Mission Research 200X” The contents of the program conducs researches about paranormal phenomena and mysterious incidents to uncover their secrets and go into a new world. I had been fascinated with the variety of pictures constituted like a drama and sitting with excited feeling in front of a TV set at every Sunday 8 PM. Looking back them, there were lots of uncertain phenomena such as UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal), the prophecies of Nostradamus, and the Bermuda Triangle, but I was really enjoying knowing the worlds which were totally different from my world. The name of the fictitious company investigating some incidents is ”Far East Research Corporation”. I just found the name “Cool!”, but it means that the drama was literally being taken place in Far East. Eastern part of Siberia and East Asia are called “Far East”. It’s because the name had been made by Western society. Of course there is no center of the world’s surface, but I like this name. In Japanese language, this word is written as “極東”. “極” means the end or edge, and “東” means East. I just find the meaning, The end of East, “Cool!”



After the long entry procedures at Vladivostok port, I got to the town. The atmosphere there was more brilliant and I got being excited naturally. I passed by the statue of Lenin at the small square, and arrived at the hostel. Although the gate of the building was locked with a passcode, I haven’t heard it since I made the reservation. Standing still for a minute, a girl carrying a backpack came here. she didn’t know the passcode too, but had a conversation in Russian with a hostel staff right after we met. The staff opened the door and we went into the room.


She is a overseas student from Argentina and studying literature in Moscow. During the Summer holidays, she is traveling in the Eastern Russia. She have been reading many novels of several countries, and said “I have read a Japanese classical literature “PILLOW BOOK”.” I replied to her “I don’t know”, because I’ve never heard such title, and she said “Why you don’t know, you are Japanese!”. After thinking it for a while, I found it MAKURA NO SOUSHI(枕草子). It is very difficult to guess the title translated into English from Japanese. I don’t know Argentine literature at all but I told her “I’m reading “Motorcycle Diaries”” written by Che Guevara, and she gave me a smile.


Taking a rest for a while, I started wandering around there. This city faces the sea and has beaches. Many Russian were enjoying this short summer being exposed to the sun with their whole body.



I had dinner and went back to the hostel. There were 2 Korean who wore a racing jacket. They looked 20’s and 40’s and I asked them “Are you a parent and a child?” They denied it with smiles. Both of them came here by ferry from Korea, and are traveling to West. A young man is a university student and going to Cape Roca, the westernmost place of the Eurasia. The other man have 2 weeks holidays and is traveling in Siberia. He works for Samsung as a computer application architect. we were talking about our job because my previous job is somewhat similar to his. We were having mutual dissatisfaction, complaining and concern and enjoying talking a lot with local beer.


The next morning, I saw off 2 riders and left the hostel before 10 AM. I dropped at a supermarket to buy some groceries. The passengers can buy them on the train though, they prepare them in advance since the price on the train is expensive. Seeing some unfamiliar goods, I bought instant noodles and mashed potatoes in a cup, a bread and a box of tea bag. we can use hot water on the train in anytime, and eat hot foods. Although the weight of baggage I have to carry got heavier, my steps haven’t become heavy while thinking traveling.


I may have meetings and discoveries like the people I met yesterday. I don’t expect dramatic experiences and astonishing endings like a TV program I used to watch in my childhood, but I’m looking forward to what I see and feel.