From a Corner of Somewhere

ユーラシアを北から南まで旅した記録 日本語と英語で書いてます。 Traveling From the North to the South of Eurasia

No.6 the Siberian Ground and the Great Mother

I was looking at the blue of Japan sea shone with summer sun from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk, and the Siberian ground were being reflected on the train window after the area. Only white birch and glass lands spread between town and town. when I saw small villages which has only 4 or 5 houses, I thought “How do they live here?”. I will never know the people that I can’t imagine who they are, but traveling in unfamiliar lands might be able me to manage to find out the point of contact of them. When I told her “I will travel in this country”, a middle-aged Russian lady gave me a message by using translation application of tablet, “There is the will of God”. I met some foreign tourists from Korea, France and Uzbekistan on this train. I will never see them again, but I could see them because I started traveling.




 Staying in small trains for three days, I woke up at the dawn of the next day and found that we were in the surrounding area of Irkutsk. On the right side of this train, a local train was going side by side. some passengers wore heavy coats or down jackets and that didn't make me feel that I was in August.


Our train arrived at Irkutsk Station filled with morning mist and I got off. The cold air which is not associated with summer stuck my cheeks. I got a bit excited alone, “I’m in Russia!, This is the Northern major country, Russia!” I was looking for the exit of this station to go to the city, but I couldn’t find it. Other passengers were also doing it and getting lost. I asked a young Russian man “where is the exit?”, but he said he didn’t know too. He may seemed that he was coming back to his hometown because he was dragging a big suitcase.


We were walking around there and got to the exit at last, but didn’t find any signs indicating the exit. I wondered “You know where the exit is without any guides” is a Russian style. When my eyes met with his eyes, he murmured with a exhausted face, “ This is mother Russia!” This Great Mother is a bit severe with her son returning home for the first time in a long time.